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Quakers and Business Group
Promoting Quaker values in Business and the Workplace

Plenary from Strategy Day

Held at The Priory Rooms, Birmingham on Saturday 7th September 2019.

A gathering of members and interested people for a day of discussion and exploring ideas about Quakers and Business Group as an organisation.

We revisited the current list of projects and concerns, developing a series of four categories:

  1. Q&B owned and managed
  2. Q&B partnership
  3. Q&B Sponsorship
  4. Concern (of interest but not formally linked)

We’re asking Management Committee to consider adopting these, to archive all no-longer-current information on the website, as well as consider the list of projects and ideas brought forward today.

Q&B is a network of volunteers who manage the organisation. As a group we need to be developing ways of stress testing, discernment and support for new projects and ideas. Finding partners to work with, or deciding that our input isn’t needed where there is already provision and filling gaps where they are seen. Q&B has become much more a facilitator than a project manager.

The OPERA (Objectives, Process, Education, Resources, Actions) process was used to help think through the ideas that were generated.

As an organisation Q&B’s purpose is to be the custodian, modern interpreter and promoter of Quaker principles in business and the workplace as such we are more about facilitation than delivery.