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Minute of the Q&B Spring Gathering 20th April 2013

A learning day on coaching as a life skill.

After a short period of worship and an introduction by our Clerk Liz Redfern, our gathering heard presentations from Jenny Pollock and Jenny Cavalot about coaching skills and the importance of the coaching relationship. We shared experience and tried out skills in small groups, bringing examples from our own lives. We learnt that Coaching is a mutually contracted relationship with individuals and groups which can enable performance, learning and finding solutions. We looked at 2 different coaching approaches - GROW and Egan's 3 stage process - and 3 different learning techniques, whilst recognising that the presence of a good relationship is essential to any coaching practice.


We thank our two presenters for their guidance.

After lunch we came back together for the AGM, which is minuted separately.

David Megginson led our afternoon session on Some Surprising Findings about Goals in Coaching. He contrasted the world of goals and the world of individual sensory experience, and invited us to consider the place of goals in our own lives and the place of goal- setting with and for others. He introduced the idea of SPICE as a daily goal- setting technique and the importance of breadth, depth and connecting with others in goal-setting. Performance-coaching often uses goal-setting but at its best there is just a progressive deepening of the conversation. Goals can change in the process of working through layers of self-reflection. The research shows that a less concrete goal can be more motivating than a focused goal. Increasing our awareness of what we do helps us avoid contradictions in our lives. Setting a learning goal has been found to be more effective than setting performance goals. Starting on the road is the most important part of any journey, and sometimes it is important to have a 200 year plan. Goals do not have to be quantifiable.

We have learnt a great deal and thank our Friend David Megginson very much.

Christine Kell
Member, Quakers and Business Group