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Minute of the Quaker Business Conference 2016 - Embodying Equality in Business: Why and How?

9th November 2016 at Friends House, London

We met today at the Quakers and Business Group 2016 annual conference, Embodying Equality in Business: Why and How? The conference began with a reading from Quaker Faith and Practice 2.82 and, to inspire us, a video sponsored by the Dr Martin Luther King Living Legacy. It's clear message being "Diversity is one of the best things that happened to us"!

A range of speakers took us through specific perspectives around equality. Giving us valuable personal insights and leading us to consider our own thoughts and feelings about how equality and inequality impact on our lives and those around us.

We all took part in an exercise focusing on the areas covered by the speakers. This was to physically walk round and look at the key words, Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Disability. We included a blank sheet of paper which we felt encompassed the originality and uniqueness of each one of us, without labels, just being "ourselves". We shared our varied emotions and experiences with the group and the words connection, compassion and love were foremost throughout the session.

It is through feelings, awareness and understanding that we can recognise and overcome the barriers that prevent us from moving towards our goal of embodying equality.

We chose to celebrate and embrace diversity and not see it as dividing us. The earth is precious and full of many species which must all live together and contribute to this wonderful world.

We thank our excellent speakers and the conference organisers for making today so thought provoking, inspiring and enjoyable.

Minute Clerk – Val Brittin