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Green Book for non Quakers

The October Management Meeting will review the draft of Good Business: Ethics at Work for a non-Quaker audience. The projected print run is 3000 copies. 
Doubling Q&B membership

We aim to double the Q&B membership this year to 144 members.

Two essential building blocks for this are a new printed leaflet and a new website. 

Q&B Business Directory

Your Committee proposes to revive the Quakers in Business Directory that was first produced in the early 90’s by Quaker Social Responsibility & Education (QSRE). 

The Q&B Business Directory will provide a valuable source of information for Quakers throughout Britain Yearly Meeting on ethical businesses and professional services run by Quakers in their Area Meetings. 

This will be reviving an early 17th Century practice when Quakers helped one another to prosper and thereby brought new standards of honesty and fair dealing into the marketplace.