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Quakers and Business Group
Promoting Quaker values in Business and the Workplace

Making Core Quaker Values More Visible in Business 

The Quakers and Business Group


Annual Quaker Business Conference, 6th-7th November 

  • New Opportunities for developing wealth potential - post Covid-19

  • Business as social transformation

  • The rise of the shareholder as a responsible actor in business

  • Silence speaks louder than words

 The Quakers and Business Group are aiming to challenge recent Quaker perceptions that working in business is immoral. The theme of the 2020 Annual Quaker Business Conference ‘Making Values Visible’ aims to highlight what Quakerism can bring to business, and what business can bring to Quakers. The two-day online conference will explore, discuss and dissect established concepts highlighting that working in business and subscribing to the profit motive does not mean leaving values at the door.


The conference will highlight how companies that treat customers, suppliers and employees with respect and empathy during difficult times can expect better engagement, performance, reputation and face a brighter future. It will look at the growth and resilience of alternative business structures such as employee ownership and FairShares and explore the success of the 400 year old Quaker tradition of silence to aid decision-making and the benefits that mindfulness can bring to business in the present day. 


Headline speakers at the 2020 Annual Quaker Business Conference include:


  • Mike Smith of Initiatives for Change UK who will look at the ways silence can be used in business.

  • Christine Abbott of Centre for Action Learning Facilitation reveals the influence of Quakerism on Reg Revans, founder of the ‘Action Learning’ system.

  • Ed Dommen of Actares, Switzerland speaks on Quaker shareholder activism  

  • Stephen Allen from Sheffield Management School explores how the organisation of Quaker Meetings can be helpful in a business context.  

  • Paul Grey of the Quiet Company (Friends House Hospitality), Ander Etxeberria of Mondragon Corporation, Spain (the world’s biggest cooperative), and

  • Rory Ridley-Duff of the FairShares Association will illustrate how ethical businesses can succeed in the toughest markets. 

“2020 has been an extremely challenging year but it provides us all with an opportunity to re-look at how we live our lives, how we treat people and how we do business,” said Wendrie Heywood, Quakers and Business Co-Clerk and conference host, “We are thrilled with our speaker line-up and look forward to engaging discussions at the Annual Quaker Business Conference.”  

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We normally charge a fee for a face to face conference of £30 - £50, however, this year we are asking for donations to the Woodbrooke Study and Conference Centre where our conference would have been held. Please click here to donate using the reference 'Q&B Conference'.

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