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Promoting Quaker values in Business and the Workplace

The Quakers are in business in the Zoomosphere!

Our first Quakers and Business committee meeting by Suzanne Watts, Communications Coordinator and Christine Abbott member. Date of meeting: August 12 2020. On Zoom.

The agenda looked daunting and the supporting documents were numerous, so I approached my first Committee meeting with trepidation. The clerking was brisk and to the point, bringing all the relevant documents rapidly to the screenshare so we were all on the same page. A difficult subject was dealt with in an exemplary way, with the discernment of expert attendees brought to bear. A business quote I had put forward was subjected to rigorous questioning by Friends erring on the side of caution. No surprises!  The meeting went on a bit longer than expected but, using the Business Method, a huge amount of work was achieved by Clerk, Wendrie, her voice slightly distanced through her headset. I felt she was the astronaut talking to mission control – and we were all on a pioneering journey into the unknown!

Suzanne Watts

When I received the papers for the meeting I knew immediately this would require skilful clerking to keep the meeting on target and thanks to Wendrie it was so.

I have never met (knowingly) anyone in the meeting face to face, however as I have been attending the Tuesday morning zoom meetings over the last few months – it was lovely to see familiar faces in zoom world.

The supporting documents were helpful, however with most items being new to me it was the discussion that was most helpful as I struggled to understand the context.

I was asked to speak on a paper that John White, Suzanne and myself had put forward as a ‘progress so far’ on a project that came out of the conference only to discover at a previous meeting it had been rejected which rather took me back!

However, after discussion and discernment members of the team it was agreed to support the project to the next stage.

I left the meeting with more questions than answers about Quakers and Business, its purpose and the ‘way we do things here’ – which is no bad thing 😊

Christine Abbott