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Our World after Covid-19

What could our world look like after the current pandemic? That's part of the focus of a new personal website and blog by Ivan Hutnik, a member of the Restoring Relations project. Ivan is a professional writer and former journalist and his website is a well researched personal account of his search for renewal - a small contribution to our collective effort in imagining how we will restore our world.

This post covers an interview from the Financial Times with President Emmanuel Macron and the unexpected leadership he is showing. In the interview Macron says, "We all face the profound need to invent something new, because that is all we can do". He goes on to say, " will change the nature of globalisation, with which we have lived for the past 40 years . . . it was clear that this kind of globalisation was reaching the end of its cycle, it was undermining democracy".

You can find Ivan's website at