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Q&B Management Committee Meeting October 2018 - a personal reflection

The meeting was held on the Internet via the Zoom platform on 16th October 2018 from 19:00 to 21:00 UK time / 20:00 to 22:00 Central European Time.

An enjoyable, productive online meeting.

I have been hosting online international conference calls on Monday evenings on free Skype for nearly ten years, starting with 10 -12 participants in January 2009 to 30 or more today from around the world, so it was a pleasure to participate in a well-hosted meeting tonight. It is wonderful to see humanity’s greater use of the increasing array of communication tools that have arisen in the soon to be four score years of my life.

A prepared and technology-agile clerk hosted this evening’s meeting in a manner that resulted in smooth execution of the business at hand. All pertinent documents had been gathered from others by the clerks and distributed beforehand by email. At the high point there were 11 participants (9 in the UK and 2 elsewhere in Europe) including all five Q&B trustees.

There was discussion on charity governance matters including whether the appointment of the newest trustee to replace a departing trustee had been properly completed under Charity Law compliance requirements. Follow-up action will be taken before the Q&B 2018 Conference on December 5th.

I love the mutual respect that is normally present in Quaker Meetings for Business and in two other international associations/fellowships I serve who practice the value of equality in all their affairs, and tonight was no exception. Discussion went gently to and fro over a wide variety of agenda items centered on reports from Q&B roles, committees, and groups: Nominations, Treasurer, Clerk, Membership Working Group, Academic Research Working Group, Events Working Group, Quaker Bank Project Working Group, and Communications Working Group.

There were several specific items which especially caught my attention and interest: sharpening our strategic focus, attracting Young Friends, providing networking opportunities, and pursuing outreach through events at non-Quaker business venues. Also booking a Q&B stall at Britain Yearly Meeting (24-27 May 2019) – Group’s Fair.

I appreciated the clerk essentially following item by item something that I practiced when leading meetings in three decades in the corporate world. Before leaving a virtual or face-to-face meeting room, I always sought concordance with answers to: “Who will do What by When?”

Daniel Clarke Flynn

Dan is a member of Belgium and Luxembourg Yearly Meeting, and Q&B Nominations Committee – Convenor. He is also a member of Quakers Uniting in Publications, Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs, and the Europe and Middle-East Section of Friends World Committee for Consultation.