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Quakers and Business Group
Promoting Quaker values in Business and the Workplace

Kingdom at Work Project's Bulletin on Quakers and Business - November 2017

Read the Bulletin here.

The Kingdom of Work Project, supported by the Saltley Trust, Birmingham, explores how the Christian faith is reflected in our places of work and influences the work we do. The project produces a regular Bulletin discussing a wide range of aspects of this diverse and interesting subject rarely covered elsewhere. It goes to over 250 people across all the UK churches engaged in this field. (You can access previous editions here )

The latest issue - link above - has been produced in partnership with the Quakers and Business Group (Q&B). It includes nine articles written by Q&B members from a wide variety of work and career backgrounds. The articles cover the history of the group and its work, Quaker business ethics, the enduring influence of the First World War on working Quakers, and the success and motivations in modern businesses owned or led by Quakers. You can find an index of the articles at the bottom of this page.

As the project's co-ordinator David Clark says:

I am delighted that this issue has been possible as I have for long believed that the Society of Friends (known as Quakers) has a very important contribution to make to the value-added nature of faith at work. I hope that this issue of the Bulletin will encourage those from every church to become better informed of what Quakers and Business are doing (especially through the latter’s web site qandb.org and their publication Good Business:Ethics at Work, reviewed at the end of this issue) in this vital area of ministry. Please forward this issue of the Bulletin to anyone else you might know would be interested. Any comments which would help us improve the content of the Bulletin would be very welcome.

You can contact David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kingdom at Work Project’s Bulletin on Quakers and Business - November 2017
Index of Articles

  • Issue Introduction - David Clark
  • Quakers and Business Group - its origins, development and aims - Elizabeth Redfern
  • Reflection on the history of Quaker business ethics - Andrew Fincham
  • Quaker principles and the workplace: a story from the First World War - Rachel Muers
  • How Quakers are putting faith back into business - Paul Grey
  • Putting Quaker practices into action in a small ethical business - Luke Wilde
  • A Quaker approach to business - Andrew Gray
  • Working at Faith or Faith at work? - Robert Ashton
  • Personal reflections on Quaker Business Practice - Izzy Thorne
  • Good Business: Ethics at Work, book review

Read the Bulletin here.