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Virtual Q-Connections Meetings for Members


The weekly online Q-Connections meeting started as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. These regular Zoom sessions have greatly enriched the life of Q&B this year by fostering new relationships between members and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, support and networking.    

Q-Connections Ethics at Work:  Tuesdays at 12.30 - 13.30  GMT

Our Tuesday get together aims to provide 'Q-value' with topics for discussion. These sessions allow plenty of space for introductions and checking in.

It’s a relaxed, non-pressured atmosphere and a great place to further your knowledge, understanding and practice of our keystone publication, Good Business:  Ethics at Work

April:  Quaker Testimonies to Equality: 

Week 1:  6 April
Do you respect and encourage diversity as a source of energy in your business? 

Week 2:  13 April 
Do you refrain from making prejudiced judgements about others? 

Week 3:  20 April
When recruiting, evaluating or promoting employees, do you differentiate on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion, nationality or dialect, or any other characteristic that is not related to job performance? 

Week 4 :  27 April 
If an employee has a disability, do you try to find work that they can do effectively? Do you make alterations in your working methods and workplace to help them? Do you help them to overcome their own difficulties?

We follow the Quaker discipline of not interrupting and allowing a pause for reflection after each contribution. Everyone is expected to make a constructive contribution, share insights and experiences positive and negative, that we can all learn from. Find out more: Quaker Business Method

Friday Wind Down 

18.30 – 19.30 GMT

Chill out with fellow Quakers and Business members from the UK and further afield. Share your positive experiences to spread optimism and joy.  Or, request support for your workplace challenges and dilemmas in a confidential space. This is a chance to meet people with similar values, share exciting ideas, create real connections, and learn more from experienced Quakers and others. 

On Zoom

These sessions are free and open to all members of the Quakers and Business Group. Please check your regular email newsletter for the link and passcode. If you have lost these, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Suzanne Watts (Contact Us)  

Not a member? 

We welcome visitors who would like to find out more about how we work. If you'd like to join a Q-Connections meeting on a trial basis, contact us as above. 


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