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Young European Entrepreneur Inspired by Quaker Values

Meet Arne Govaerts,  a young international Friend who attended our ‘Making Values Visible’  conference last November.   

Arne is a graduate student who has launched a sustainable business called Pottwist in Belgium. Using low carbon-emission transportation, Pottwist is delivering ethical food products in reusable glass jars in the Ghent area. 

Arne says 

“I joined the Q&B conference because I wanted to meet like-minded people and hear their stories and ideas. What I learned from it was the improvements that can be made in the aspect of corporate governance and the role Quakers can play into this. I was inspired by these words by Paul Grey - CEO of the Quiet Company,  “Profit is good and makes an organisation sustainable, greed does not.” 

Arne has created a sustainable food company in order to build a bright future for himself, for society and for the generations to come.

He says, 

"PotTwist was born out of frustration about the piles of plastic packaging we throw away every day. With every order the CO2-print is calculated and you can reimburse the CO2-emission of our driver. This contribution does not end up in our jar, but is transferred directly to Compensate, a non-profit (based in Finland) whose mission is to combat climate change."

Please visit the trilingual website:


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Why not let us know what inspired you to launch or support an ethical business? 


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