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Young US Quaker Seeks Support for Ethical Business Ideas

Nick Dosch describes himself a ‘Quaker Entrepreneur/Engineer and more’ 

Nick is based in Corning, New York. He says, “I am working towards building a network of Quakers working in Business here in the US, and am looking to connect with Quakers in the UK, and across the world. Particularly, I see some strong needs in the Quaker community for people in their work.  As I work to start this network, right now I am listening to see what support my community needs.”

Nick’s has outlined some ideas:

Debt - Many Quakers have debt held by large organizations outside the faith while others have investments outside the community, but might prefer to invest in the community.  If we get these two needs together, we have so much more flexibility.  For example a person with debt is much less likely to be able to volunteer to support Quaker action or ministry if they need to work outside our community to pay back debt.  If our community holds their debt, we can choose/renegotiate many different paths that might benefit the community as a whole. 

Skills Training - A Quaker Skills Matchmaker might be helpful when you need an expert.  This would generate work within our community and align people with similar values so lasting connections may be fostered.

Mentoring - Quakers with experience could mentor younger members of the community starting companies or to help them find work, connecting them with Quakers in their chosen field to find employment.

Investment - Low risk investment for people doing cool things in their community like bakery equipment loan, farm loans etc. 

Succession Planning - Helping Quakers to sell their businesses to retire - a great way to provide work for other Quakers looking for opportunities.

Have you got something to offer Nick? He is interested in connecting with Quakers who run their own businesses, those who have started their own business or even have mentored others starting businesses. Members can log into our directory to find his email address  - please search Nicholas Rozard Dosch - or connect with Nick on LinkedIn.  

Nick attended our Making Core Quaker Values More Visible in Business conference online in November 2020.  Are you an entrepreneur who has been inspired by the Quakers and Business Conference or our Statement of Business Principles

Get in touch to let us know!