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News - March 2017


Management Committee met for the afternoon at the Priory Room, Birmingham, February 22nd 2017.

The full minutes and papers are available to download from the website, once you are logged in. But here are some highlights:

Who Does What

With changes of Officers, Clerks and Treasurers, there was a lot of procedural pieces to tie up, and work through. Nominations are still looking for a third Co-clerk to join the clerking team, as well as an Overseer.

  • Did you know there is a Who Does What List? You can find it here and how to contact anyone on it from the Member Profiles page, once you are logged in.
  • You can read profiles for both the new Co-clerks (Wendrie Heywood and Marius Jennings) on the Member Profiles page. You need to be logged in to do so. Have you completed your profile?

Membership Survey 2017

  • What do you want from Q&B?
  • Why are you a member?

Recognising our need to ask these fundamental questions of our membership generated a very useful discussion, which underlined the importance to find out what membership want – and ways to provide this. The Membership survey is a key part of that – it is due this year, please keep a look out and complete it when it arrives.

Legal & Policy

  • Q&B’s address will be changing to a PO Box rather than a private address.
  • The Charity Commission has received the annual return for 2015.

Future Events

Gathering & Conference 2018

The Gathering will be held in the spring at Friargate Meeting House, York, on the theme of ‘Quaker Leadership’. The Conference will be held in the autumn, theme to be announced.

Regional Informal Gatherings

These have started to be formed – the first will be in London, at the Doric Arch (outside Euston Station) 6pm March 22nd 2017; there is also an offer to organize one in the Midlands.

These are organised by Q&B members, and are open to others – an email giving details will be sent to all members on the organisers’ behalf, and they will also be advertised in other ways. If you are interested in forming a regional group and would like to know how many Q&B members there are near you, contact the Membership Secretary at the link above.

Academic Research Working Group (ARWG)

The ARWG has some new members and a new profile page on the Q&B website. It is providing content based on the Quaker Business Method for both the 2017 Gathering (May 6th Jesus Lane Meeting House Cambridge) and the Conference (November 22nd Friends House, London). They are also organizing some regional conferences and starting to fund raise to support the Q&B PhD students. Did you know about this piece of Q&B work?

If you know of anyone who would be interested in helping support this research into Quaker Business, or would like to donate to cover the current £5,000 expected shortfall in funding, please contact our Treasurer, or visit

Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering Groups Fair

A stall has been requested for Group’s Fair on Wednesday 2nd August 2017. If you are in Warwick come and visit for a chat. If you’d be willing to help volunteer to meet and greet at the stall please contact the clerks.

New Treasurer & Personal Reflection

Lesley Bacon will be our new Treasurer and newest Trustee, she attended the meeting and agreed to write a few reflections on her experience:

Thank you for a warm welcome over lunch, which helped me to feel included from the start. The Priory Room is a remarkable conference centre which I hadn’t known existed, with excellent transport links. I wasn’t familiar with the structure of Q&B (entirely my fault) and got a bit confused, by half time I was definitely out of my depth. Then things suddenly improved with the discussion of what we are actually trying to do and achieve, Quaker respect and active listening makes this work without the hidden agendas and point scoring so prevalent in most professional and business meetings elsewhere.

(From Quaker Faith and Practice 23.16

Our rejection of the methods of outward domination, and of the appeal to force, applies not only to international affairs, but to the whole problem of industrial control. Not through antagonism but through co-operation and goodwill can the best be obtained for each and all.)

So onwards and upwards; I left feeling that this was definitely going to be a new opening, and I might even get my head round double entry book keeping.

Hope you enjoyed this brief look into the work done by the committee – if you have any questions, or would like to get involved in any of the projects mentioned here don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours in peace and Friendship,
Wendrie Heywood, Co-Clerk - Quakers & Business Group
Lesley Bacon, Trustee - Quakers & Business Group