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News - June 2016

June's Q&B Management Committee was held at Friends House in London on the same day the Brexit result was announced. A number of members met for lunch prior to the committee meeting to sharing there personal insights into the decision that will surely have an impact in many parts of our lives, particularly business. After lunch nine members in jointed for the committee meeting.

Jo Poole

As a number of members may be aware, Jo Poole and her family were sadly involved in serious car accident in May. This has left Jo in an critical unconscious state at present. I personally have not met Jo and her partner but have heard multiple people speak fondly of her and the enthusiasm that she had bought to the group. We hold Jo and her family in the light, with Chris Kell making a visit on behalf of Q&B to send our support.

Q&B's move towards Externally Recognised Group recognition

Since I joined Q&B late last year there has been a fair amount of work happening as the group evolves. The group recently became a new registered charity with the Charity Commission. The next stage of change will be for Q&B to adopt designation of one of Britain Yearly Meeting’s newly established recognised groups. This will mean that Q&B will continue to be formally affiliated with the Quaker name and the principles associated with it. A pilot group is presently being established to go through this discernment process which Q&B hopes to be part of.

Economy for the Common Good

The three clerks fed back about a meeting we had had that morning with Andy Chapman from the Economy for the Common Good group. The group have established an interesting economic concept which moves away from a pure financial focus in business. Instead, through the a technique called the Common Good Balance Sheet, measures are put in place to look at organisational focus on human dignity, cooperation, ecological sustainability, social justice, and transparency and democracy. From my understanding of Andy’s presentation, there seems to be a number of commonalities that Q&B have been interested in analysing further. I recommend reading through the summary of the group's ideas. Hopefully the group will be able to attend a further Q&B event to provide members with further details.

Events Working Group

This is of particular interest to me as I had been involved with organising the Q&B Dorking event which held the following days (details of which can be found here). I hadn’t appreciated the amount of effort that it took to prepare an event. Unfortunately, there are no members presently attached with the Events Working Group. However, events have proven a key part of Q&B’s work and offer a way for members to network, speak on subjects that interest them as well as offering a way of outreach. In response to the group's vacancies a voluntary events organiser role description is to be drafted. If you would be interested in the role please please get in contact as all offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

Marius Jennings