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Quakers and Business Group
Promoting Quaker values in Business and the Workplace

About Us

The Quakers and Business Group, a registered charity (view certificate) and a Quaker recognised body in Britain (BYM), is today's voice and network for the Quaker business community. We are active in, or recently retired from, the business community.

Our Purpose

To be the custodian, modern interpreter and promoter of Quaker principles in business and the workplace.

Our Focus

Do the Right Thing - Quakers have a reputation for being trustworthy and ethical. Ethics has been a central theme of Q&B's work for some time.

Live Your Values at Work - Living your values in business and in the workplace is not always easy. Conflict between personal values and those of the workplace can be a source of anxiety and stress.

What Quaker business people have done and are doing - Quakers, and others, who own businesses have often used their business success to benefit communities and society. We admire the famous names of the past, but we need to share the modern day contributions of organisations and individuals.

The Middle Way - The boundaries between pure capitalism and pure charity are becoming blurred. There are charities that operate trading arms, businesses that are owned by charities and trusts (Scott Bader, Andrews Estate Agent) and social enterprises. These organisations are run to provide benefits beyond the owners, as were the early Quaker businesses.