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DecisionPro Training Day 6

DecisionPro Training, Day 6 on July 15th at Woodbrooke Quaker College.

"When you have a decision: Clarifying value; understanding Social ROI; and mapping systemic relationships."


Our day will start at 9:30am with a 90-minute group session led by Dave in which we will work together to clarify the value that Decisions Trust brings to its ideal customers. As a result, we will all be more able to articulate the value when we talk to potential customers.

After coffee, Sally will introduce us to Social Return on Investment, or SROI. The New Economics Foundation, one of the UK’s leading Think Tanks, explains the importance of SROI in Decision-Making as follows:

"Every day our actions and activities create and destroy value; they change the world around us. Although the value we create goes far beyond what can be captured in financial terms, this is, for the most part, the only type of value that is measured and accounted for. As a result, things that can be bought and sold take on a greater significance and many important things get left out. Decisions made like this may not be as good as they could be as they are based on incomplete information about full impacts."

In the afternoon, Katherine will introduce us to Systemic Constellations. Systemic Constellations mapping is a powerful technology for understanding deep patterns embedded in a system (the individual, their team or organisation, systems within systems) which are based on principles of time, place and exchange. It's particularly useful at both pre- and post-decision stages - to understand where the system wants to go next.


  1. To clarify the value of the Decisions Trust for its customers.
  2. To understand how Social Return on Investment to look at social, and environmental value to support Decision-Making.
  3. To map the deep patterns and relationships that exist in a system.

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