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DecisionPro Training Day 4

DecisionPro Training, Day 4 on April 24th at Woodbrooke Quaker College.

“Together in the room: Team Emotional Intelligence and behaviours to enable thinking“.


In our first session, we will work in our teams to review and reflect on our DecisionPro learning journey so far and how we apply the methods to existing and potential clients. After coffee, Zarine will take us through Team Emotional Intelligence or TEI. TEI provides a framework for enabling teams to address the emotional aspects of team-working and move towards more effective decision-making.

In the afternoon, Margaret Edwards will explain the importance of creating an environment in which people can think well and the types of behavior that enable good thinking.


  1. Working with our colleagues in our learning groups, we will discover how we are applying our learning in ethicability; Enneagram; Spiral Dynamics and Releasing techniques to a real or exemplar client context.
  2. Understand TEI’s basic construction and its three different levels, nd how it differs from other EI tools on the market so that we can articulate its benefits to potential clients.
  3. Knowing how to behave to create an environment in which people are truly empowered to think for themselves will help our clients to think fully and improve their decision-making as a result.

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