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DecisionPro Training Day 3

DecisionPro Training, Day 3 on February 20th at Woodbrooke Quaker College.

“Together in the room: unconscious prejudices and emotions are made conscious and released“.


In the morning, Paul King, an external facilitator,will introduce us to Spiral Dynamics and explore its rich applications. Using two personal reports: Change State Indicator and Values Profile II. Paul will work with us until lunch-time.

In the afternoon, with our DecisionPro colleague, Joy Hicklin-Bailey, you will learn how you and The Trust can use Releasing techniques,


  1. Completing the questionnaires and participating in the morning session will provide you with access to trusted DecisionPro colleague-peers, whom you can call on to deploy the Spiral Dynamics tools, into your client situation.
  2. Engaging in the afternoon session will equip you to deploy the Releasing techniques directly yourself.
  3. Colleges working later in their learning groups will be equipped to prepare their Learning Group's presentation to next Training day, showcasing thier learning in applying ethicability; Enneagram; Spiral Dynamics and Releasing techniques to a real or exemplar client context.

To register and pay £75 + £25 = £100 by February 6th please use the button below.